Academic Transcription Services

Academic Transcription Services

Connecticut Secretary offers academic transcription services to students and staff from a number of universities across the country. Our usual academic transcription project is eighteen to twenty hours of audio and we make the process easy and convenient for you, so you can concentrate on what you need to accomplish while you rest assured that we are professionally and securely handling your valuable audio files and work materials.  


We also are very happy to provide services for smaller jobs, which are just as critical to you. We have no set minimum and many graduate students or university staff will contact us to work on files that are fifteen minutes, an hour, three hours or more, as they have the need. Whatever the number of audio hours you have, we treat each and every project securely and professionally from start to finish. You will be extremely satisfied with your completed transcription project.


Connecticut Secretary has been in business since 1992 and our business is delivering the very best quality completed transcript to you each and every time. We can handle your multiple interview transcription projects and provide good turnaround at a very reasonable price. We do everything possible to keep our services as affordable as we possibly can. Your referrals assist us in this and we appreciate your confidence in sharing our services with your colleagues.


Graduate students in need of dissertation/thesis transcription services usually have a number of interviews they would like transcribed. Connecticut Secretary can handle your project professionally from start to finish. We are the best choice when you need professional and accurate transcription services.

Connecticut Secretary also works with many university departments and staff on their various transcription projects. We are set up as a vendor in many universities, and if we’re not set up with your university we are happy to establish a relationship today. Please contact us to start today!

When only the very best service will do for your project, contact Connecticut Secretary today to schedule your transcription project. We are the right choice every time!







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