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Basic Instructions for Starting a Transcription Project

Create Client Account

Everything starts with our main menu bar at the top of every page on this website. Please use our INITIAL CONTACT form for any questions that you might have. 


Once you are ready to create an account, please complete the NEW CLIENT ACCOUNT form under the GETTING STARTED option on our top menu bar. Once we receive your information, we will create an account for you and send you an invitation to our ShareFile Portal. You can upload files at any time using our very convenient and prominently displayed UPLOAD FILES NOW button the Home Page. 


Once we create your account, we will email you an invitation to our Sharefile portal, which is where we will be uploading your files. Please be advised that we have a strict file retention policy. We do not archive work files for clients.


You can also use our UPLOAD FILES NOW! button that is prominently displayed on the Home Page of this website. It is very easy to use and you can upload files at any time.

Special Instructions

Please make sure to let us know of any special instructions or known terminology that will be helpful as we work on your project. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us. Once you upload your files, you simply wait to receive them via our ShareFile Portal.

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