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Is generating informative, insightful and innovative written content for inclusion on your website important to showcasing your products or services? Do you frequently get the best ideas for amazing articles and web content while traveling, attending meetings or calling on customers? When you return to your office, do you find that you are drawing a blank when attempting to recapture your original inspiration and what you write just isn’t as grand as what you had initially envisioned?

Connecticut Secretary’s transcription service will enable you to keep that unique inspiration fresh by transcribing your notes and article drafts. The process of using our service is very straightforward and convenient for you. All you need to do is use your digital recorder or pick up a phone and call our dial-in dictation service. Once we receive the recording, we will speedily transcribe it for you in semi-verbatim style and return it to you via email. You can then complete your article as soon as you return to your office without the worry of failing to remember important content.

Connecticut Secretary can take the process one step further by providing proofing services and suggesting ways in which content reorganization will improve readability. We will send you the original transcript as well as the article that we have rounded out for you. You will be amazed at how this extra step can assist you with creating the perfect article every time, presenting yourself as an expert in your field and keeping your website fresh and updated with new content for your site visitors and customers. People will have a reason to come back to your site to see what new and informative content you’ve added since their last visit.


And that’s not all! Connecticut Secretary can also log in and post your articles to your WordPress blog in draft form, so that all you need to do is log into your blog and approve it for publication with one click of your mouse! Create insightful, informative and timely articles weekly while you go about doing what you do best and allow us to handle the rest.

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