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Heart Disease Trends Spreadsheet

We've taken raw, unprocessed data and we've created an Excel spreadsheet showing a cross-section of trends by age of heart disease onset, average blood pressure [in mm Hg] on Hospital admission and fasting blood sugar <120 mg/dl by gender.


There were 303 subjects tracked in this data and there were more fields (exercise, angina symptoms, etc.) that we chose to not include in our trends spreadsheet so that we could keep it simple and focus on an area of interest. 


What does this introduction show you (pictured below)? Is it easier to visualize than the raw data, which you can find further down on the page? Whether you like your data in vivid, stylistic designs or in black, gray and white standardized design, Microsoft Excel is the answer to showcasing your data and bringing out the answers to your most pressing questions. 



When you can visualize data with Microsoft Excel, it is much easier to tell your story than by looking at raw data (pictured below). Entering your data into Excel should be an easy process and you should be able to tell your story based on the parameters that are important to you and your viewers. We've chosen to take a snapshot of the % male versus female and the average age of onset for each, average blood pressure and glucose by gender. This is what was important for us to see.


Questions we wanted answered: What is the average age of heart disease onset for men and women? What was the average resting blood pressure of men and women upon admission to the hospital and what was their blood sugar readings? Is it reasonable to assume that it is possible that blood pressure and blood sugar play a part in heart disease? The information can be a springboard for further study. 

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