Connecticut Secretary Help Faq Page

Connecticut Secretary FAQ | HELP Page

If you need assistance that is not addressed on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us today using the contact form at the top of this page.

Common Questions:


Where and how can I upload a file?

Once you complete a new customer form: https://www.connecticutsecretary.com/contact/ and check the box “create customer account,” an account will be opened for you on our Customer Portal. We cannot allow this to be open registration, due to spammers.

Once you receive the email with your username and password, please log into the system. You can change your password at this time, if you would like to, to something you can remember.

Customer Portal Address: https://www.connecticutsecretary.com/projects/


Just choose UPLOAD FILES and make sure “ALL FILES” is enabled at the right lower corner of the UPLOAD FILES screen. Choose your files and then press UPLOAD. A progress bar will begin to count out the time till it completes.

If you get an error message that says “File type not supported,” just simply ZIP the files into a compressed folder and upload. This might even be quicker, as this enables file compression.

To ZIP files into a folder, follow these steps:

1) Select the files you want to put into a ZIPPED folder. I suggest two or three files, so the folder is not so large. Select the files together by either using the Shift or Control key on your keyboard (different systems use different keys for multiple selections).

2) Using your mouse, right click.

3) Choose the option SEND TO – COMPRESSED FOLDER.

4) Now you can name your compressed folder. Make sure you keep an eye where it saves to on your computer so you will not lose it!

5) Now you will have no problem uploading to our site – just upload this compressed folder you just created.

If your files are taking forever to upload, consider what format they are in. WAV is a notoriously HUGE file format, and will take a long time. Video also will take a very long time. This is beyond our control, unless you can convert them to mp3 or wma format, which will be far quicker.

Also, please take into account the speed of your internet connection. If you have a slow connection, it will take longer to upload. This is not something that we can control. With faster internet connection speeds, your files should upload very quickly.

Let me know if you have any problems. I’m always interested in making it easier for you to work with Connecticut Secretary.


Once your work is finished, you will receive a notification via email and you can log in and download your file(s).


You can also choose to send us files via Send this File, Hightail, DropBox, FTP, or any other service of your choosing. Just use the address kate@connecticutsecretary.com. It is a good idea to let me know you have sent files, in case something happens. Also, I do not receive automatic notifications via DropBox.


I don’t have (don’t want to use) PayPal to pay. I want to pay by credit card.

No problem! Our billing system does NOT force you to use PayPal. When you receive an emailed invoice from Connecticut Secretary, please follow the link at the bottom of the invoice where it says PAY BY CREDIT CARD. You can pay right there without logging into or using PayPal. PayPal is absolutely NOT required to pay an invoice. You can pay by American Express, Visa or Discover without ever having to use or open a PayPal account. PayPal is also an option, if you choose it.

You can also pay us via PayPal, bank transfer (EFT), Google Wallet, PayMode or check.

Here is a QUICK and DIRTY visual on how to pay by CREDIT CARD and NOT by PayPal. 

When you submit payment via credit card, your statement will most likely read: PayPal – CONNECTICUT SECRETARY, Inc. This is because we use PayPal as our merchant services. If you call your credit card company prior to your credit card statement being printed, it might only say “PayPal” but when the statement is printed and mailed out to you it should say, “PayPal – CONNECTICUT SECRETARY, Inc.” We can’t control how your credit card company prints out their statements. Some just list it as PayPal with our telephone number and others fully list our name beside the PayPal wording.

You will NOT be charged an extra percentage. I am the one paying the fees. I’ve used this payment gateway for about 15 years and have charged literally thousands upon thousands of transactions. Never once has a customer been charged a fee. I list this for educational organizations that have asked me, or who have had a rule about paying via PayPal. When you pay via Credit Card, PayPal is ONLY THE GATEWAY processing company. The only difference is that I pay less in fees through them than any other merchant services company I’ve ever used, and it is one way I keep prices low. I’m happy to accept check payment also if you prefer.

If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us today.