IRB and Confidentiality Statement for Transcription Services

Connecticut Secretary, Inc. accepts audio files from individuals and institutions involved in human and other research studies and we transcribe these audio files into transcripts in Word format. Connecticut Secretary, Inc. uses the audio files sent to us to perform such services as stated above. We hold all audio files confidential and we destroy all audio files from our system, or physically (if discs are sent via mail or courier service to us) as well as the completed Word files upon completion of the work and payment by the individual or institution for the services rendered. We do not provide an archival service for audio, project or Word files to protect the confidentiality of our work product. It is the customers’ responsibility to maintain their own files once they receive the final Word transcripts.

 For: Connecticut Secretary, Inc.

By: Kate Smalley

Name: Kate Smalley

Title: Secretary

Date: 2016, 2017