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Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule my transcription job?

Scheduling a transcription project with Connecticut Secretary, Inc. is easy! Just go to the top menu bar and choose the GETTING STARTED TAB. Choose the ESTABLISH ACCOUNT tab on the submenu and enter your information. Once we receive your information, we will add you to our Client Portal and establish an account for you.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay for your transcription jobs via PayPal or major credit card. We send you an invoice that is very easy and quick to pay online. We also accept checks from established customers.

I'd like to call and discuss my project. When is a good time?

Email works best, using our contact form, as our schedule varies throughout the day, but feel freet to call anytime using the number at the bottom of every page.

What is your normal turnaround?

We book each project as it comes in, so the sooner we receive your audio files, the quicker we can get started! Turnaround is based on a number of things, such as the existing project queue in house, the quality of the audio, the number of speakers and the length of the audio. Give us a call anytime to discuss your project and we will take a look at our workload to discuss potential turnaround for your project.

Can I schedule my job as a rush? I'm in a hurry to get my work back.

It depends on what we have in our queue at the time you submit your project. We're pretty transparent about our workload when we are super busy and we'll always let you know if there will be any type of delay, when at all possible. We really do try to get your files back to you as soon as possible, but we also want to make sure that we send quality work back. We want to make you happy! Please give a call or email and let's discuss your project and we can look at what we have in the works at the time and see if we can accomodate you.

My funding is running out; can I pay you in advance?

Yes! Connecticut Secretary, Inc. can accept payment in advance to ensure that your funding is secure for your project. Please give a call or email and we can send you an invoice. We prefer that we receive the project within a short time after payment is made so that we can schedule appropriately. We'll work with you to ensure that your funding is secure and your project is completed on time.

When and how do you bill for work provided?

For existing clients, Connecticut Secretary, Inc. will send you invoices in batches as your project is completed. Oftentimes, with larger projects, we must invoice periodically to ensure cash flow within our business. Give us a call or email us to discuss any questions or concerns that you have about the invoicing process.

Can I get an estimate prior to booking my job?

We can send you an estimate for your job. Please email us or call with information about your project nd we are happy to send you an estimate that is good for sixty (60) days.

Do you still have brainstorming chats?

Yes! If you would like to schedule a brainstorming chat, please use our SCHEDULE CALL menu button at the top of our website.

What types of transcripts do you provide?

Connecticut Secretary, Inc. has extensive experience transcribing audio from a variety of industries and disciplines, which will be of benefit to you as we are working on your project. The list below is not all-inclusive, but gives you an idea of the types of transcripts we can provide. Focus Groups Call-in dictation Conference Calls Sales Meetings Feasibility Studies Board Meetings Medical Legal Evaluations Business Meetings Graduate Student Interviews Panel Discussions Lectures Educational Programs Sales Notes Insurance Notes Police and Detective Interviews Attorney Services Radio Interviews Manuals and Books Wealth Management Interviews Sales Calls Religious Discussions, Interviews … and much more!

How do I get my files to you?

Sending Connecticut Secretary your files is simple! Just use the UPLOAD FILES program that is prominantly displayed on the Home Page of this website! It is a good idea to send us a separate email letting us know you sent us files just in case something goes wrong. We all know that technology can have its days when glitches happen. For the most part, the program operates without a hitch, so please send Connecticut Secretary your files today without delay so we can get started working together on your projects!

Where do I get my completed files?

Connecticut Secretary will either establish portal access for you on our Client Portal or email you the files via ShareFile encrypted email attachment. We use the encrypted email attachment for clients who only have one or two files to process. Portal access is the way to go with a number of files. We will establish portal access for you once we receive your files. We can also (upon emailed request from you) send your files via regular email. We prefer to use our Client Portal or encrypted email, but it is your choice. We can also upload to your program of choice, such as DropBox, Huddle, Basecamp, Yammer, ftp or most any other program you or your business uses.

I forgot my Client Portal Password! Help!

Forgot Password If you have forgotten your ShareFile Client Portal account password, you can reset it from your ShareFile account login screen. Navigate to your login screen and click the Forgot password? link below the login button. Verify your identity. Click send. The ShareFile system will send you an email that contains a link to reset your password. This link will expire after 15 minutes. Each time you send a password reset, the previous reset link will expire. Enter a new password. If you continue having problems and can't change your password, you will need to contact in order to reset your account manually.



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