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Contact Connecticut Secretary, Inc. today to discuss your data cleansing projects or processes that can be made easier using Microsoft Excel. 


We can help you with data cleansing services, spreadsheet creation and support, and data entry services.


Excel spreadsheets can and will make your workday easier!

Once you establish an account, we will create access for you to our  Client Portal. If you are ready to send us files, you can do so at any time using the UPLOAD NOW form. ​


Please feel free to use our contact form and let us know if you have any questions. 


Microsoft Excel

Data Cleansing Services.


Microsoft Excel is a fantastic software program for keeping track of data in any business, but poor data quality can prevent you from accurately visualizing your data. 


Do you have inconsistent data values, duplicates, combined words that are better off separated into two columns, such as first and last names, extra spaces, numbers stored as text? Are you unable to calculate columns due to incorrect values, inconsistencies, or data entry errors? Send us your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and we can help you clean your data and standardize your lists so that you will have accurate data values to base decisions on. 


We firmly believe that in business or finance, everything needs to be tracked. Microsoft Excel makes it easy to track and to visualize any data. 


Connecticut Secretary, Inc. uses Microsoft Office 2016. If you are using an earlier version of Office, you might want to consider upgrading to take advantage of all of the most current Microsoft Office features.

Send us your spreadsheets!

If you are ready to revamp or cleanse your old Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, send them to us today with information on how they are used, who uses them, and how you'd like to see them improved.


The information that you send us will help us to understand your business and processes and we will also recommend areas of improvement. 


Are you interested in starting an Excel spreadsheet from scratch? Do you need help with data entry? 

Feel free to give a call to discuss your Microsoft Excel project. Our number is listed on the bottom of every web page. We'd love to discuss how Excel can make your life easier and how we can help.



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Mailing Lists and Data

We can help you with data entry services to make your mailing projects easier. Send us your legible mailing lists in pdf format and we will create an Excel spreadsheet and enter the data for you. 

Do you need calculations performed where all you need to do is enter a few numbers and Excel does the rest? Contact us today and let's discuss your project. Send us a sample or a diagram in pdf format so that we can envision it. We will work with you to create just what you need to make your work easier and more enjoyable. 

We look forward to discussing your project and working with you!

Administrative Assistant

We can assist you with a variety of secretarial and administrative support services. Do you need help with word processing, data entry, Excel spreadsheets, or other administrative services? Contacting us is very easy. Feel free to give a call or use our contact form. Our phone number is listed at the bottom of every page of our web site. 

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