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Outside Transcription Can Benefit State Agencies on a Tight Budget

As a government employee and public servant, you know the difficulty of fulfilling your regulatory mandate within the budget the legislature or city council has allocated your agency. Difficulties can arise when budget-makers prioritize initiatives with line-item funding over your agency's general budget allocation for overhead, leaving your agency with backlogs of administrative projects that are important to complete but frustratingly under-funded. If your agency needs administrative help to keep up with your mandate to transcribe audio records of public meetings and other official functions, Connecticut Secretary, Inc. can help.

Our Rates Are Nationally Competitive

Whether your government agency has a one-off or ongoing need for transcription services, and no matter where in the United States you work, you can rest assured that our rates at Connecticut Secretary, Inc. are nationally competitive.

We Are Timely, Secure, and Sensitive to Your Compliance Needs

We provide quick and accurate services, and we will work with you to meet mandatory deadlines your agency may be required to meet. Equally important, Connecticut Secretary, Inc. appreciates how critical confidentiality and security can be when dealing with public records. We understand that you may have strict record-keeping obligations you are required to meet, and we are prepared to work with you to ensure total compliance. Among other qualities, our transcription services are 100% completed within the United States. We do not outsource overseas, giving you an added layer of confidence that your agency's records will be treated with the appropriate discretion.

We Are User Friendly

At Connecticut Secretary, Inc., we appreciate the difficulties our public servant clients face working under deadlines and difficult budgetary conditions. We do our utmost to make your life easier, from our convenient digital file upload tool that allows you to send us your files for transcription from anywhere in the country, to our at-the-ready customer service eager to help you over any hurdles you encounter. To learn more about how Connecticut Secretary, Inc.'s transcription services can support your government agency, contact us today.

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