Religious Transcription for Churches, Organizations and Authors

Running a church or religious organization is a lot more demanding and time-consuming than many people might think. I understand, and I’m willing and able to take the job of transcribing sermons, meetings or thoughts, that you are ready to form into a publication or book, from you today. Religious organizations ought not to ignore the benefits that transcribing their audio files will deliver to them in the form of increased traffic to their websites, which in turn will result in increasing the members of your congregation.

When I transcribe your audio files, they will be ready for you to publicize on your website, along with the audio, if you choose, so that visitors can read and learn about your church or religious organization either online or by downloading or printing the text. Your website will get increased hits due to the keywords that are in each transcript, as your web pages are indexed in the search engines (SEO = search engine optimization). Transcribing and posting your sermons on your website is an excellent way to not only increase web traffic, but make your materials more accessible to those in need as well for people who are hard of hearing or deaf. It’s a great way to include everyone while at the same time spreading your message to the community.

If you’re ready to get started, working with me is very easy and convenient. I will return the best quality transcript of your sermons or meetings quickly and accurately. Just visit my business website, which is highlighted in the author box below, and I will personally create an account for you so that we can start working together. I can also download audio directly from your website or via a Dropbox link, or any other file-transfer program of your choosing. I always want to make working with me convenient and easy, so that you can concentrate on the ministry and works that you love. I’ve been providing transcription services since 1992 and I am looking forward to working with you. Let’s start today!

About Kate

Kate Smalley is a secretary / transcriptionist for Connecticut Secretary, Inc., located in Branford, Connecticut. She started Connecticut Secretary in 1999 and has provided administrative support services and business transcripts for a wide variety of individuals in different industries.
The best part of the job for her is always having something new to do each and every day, and making a business owner or executive's day just that much easier is always her primary goal. Connecticut Secretary also supports graduate students with their most important projects. Contact Kate today to discuss your project. She's always interested in hearing from you.