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Rewind. Play. Stop. No really, stop! Do you want to be the one to transcribe the recording of your one hour lecture or meeting? While your words of wisdom are challenging the minds of your associates and your peers, all while expanding your business, isn’t your time better spent preparing for your next compelling presentation, meeting or new client visit?

If your answer is yes, use our services to economically transcribe your audio files today!

Five compelling reasons to use our services to transcribe your audio files today!

  1. Saving time: Transcribing a lecture is a significant time commitment. A good rule of thumb is that a 15-minute recording will take an hour to transcribe. And that is if the audio is excellent quality, clear and easy to understand.
  2. Capture your thoughts: When you speak, you aren’t reading from a script; you’re likely presenting from an outline, which encourages new thoughts and ways of expression. With our transcription service, you can capture that eloquent epiphany you have word-for-word, so you can say it again next time or create insightful, engaging marketing materials with it. Hold that thought! Let us capture it for you today!
  3. Create focused and clear notes: Our transcription services will improve the quality of your notes by accurately capturing what was said during a meeting, sales call or lecture.
  4. Increase Productivity: Who typically transcribes your audio files of meetings, sales calls, and events? Your assistant or secretary? Our transcription service will increase their productivity by keeping them focused on more important activities, like helping you prepare slides for your next presentation, doing research on new customer acquisition strategies or arranging sales calls with potential new clients.
  5. Save Money: Our transcription services are by far a cheaper solution to hiring, training and maintaining a permanent employee! No wage taxes, Social Security or office space to maintain, plus you use us when you need us. We are a much more affordable solution when you need to transcribe audio files.

Don’t waste another moment and don’t Rewind… Play… Stop… ever again! Hand it over to us and let us transcribe your audio into words today!

About Kate

Kate Smalley is a secretary / transcriptionist for Connecticut Secretary, Inc., located in Branford, Connecticut. She started Connecticut Secretary in 1999 and has provided administrative support services and business transcripts for a wide variety of individuals in different industries.
The best part of the job for her is always having something new to do each and every day, and making a business owner or executive's day just that much easier is always her primary goal. Connecticut Secretary also supports graduate students with their most important projects. Contact Kate today to discuss your project. She's always interested in hearing from you.