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Connecticut Secretary Support Services

Connecticut Secretary can provide virtual front-office support to you and your business while you are on the road. Our availability is limited for full-service support, but we can provide assistance with specific tasks for you at any time while you are traveling, such as preparing and writing letters and sending sales materials to clients. No matter where you are, you can ask us to send a letter for you. Do we have your letterheads, envelopes, brochures or sales samples? If not, and you plan on using our services often, please send them along.

  • General correspondence
  • Sending sales materials and literature/brochures to clients or potential customers
  • Sending products
  • and more…

Don’t worry about sending a rough draft. We can work on it and edit it so that it flows smoothly. If the letter requires a great deal of editing or contains a lot of technical jargon, we might request your review prior to sending it.

About Kate

Kate Smalley is a secretary / transcriptionist for Connecticut Secretary, Inc., located in Branford, Connecticut. She started Connecticut Secretary in 1999 and has provided administrative support services and business transcripts for a wide variety of individuals in different industries.
The best part of the job for her is always having something new to do each and every day, and making a business owner or executive's day just that much easier is always her primary goal. Connecticut Secretary also supports graduate students with their most important projects. Contact Kate today to discuss your project. She's always interested in hearing from you.