SEO for Mobile Sites

I wrote this back in 2014, but the same principles still apply today.

In today’s marketplace on the web, applying SEO for mobile sites is an efficient technique to help savvy business owners stay ahead of the stiff competition. Over the years, the trend of using mobile phones, smart phones and tablets has exploded. In a few years, most of your potential customers will use their smartphones and tablets primarily to get access to the internet. Smartphones are used by millions of people worldwide to shop online, check emails, make purchases and to engage with other users on social media channels.

These phones are no longer just a convenient, accessible device for you to make a phone call. They serve as a competent way to communicate with customers, and to target prospects and inform them of your products and services. This is a great advantage for online marketers who have upgraded their marketing tactics with this innovative technology. With the following tips, you can make your website even more relevant and useful to mobile users.

Conduct A Site Evaluation

If people have difficulty accessing your website, they will simply go to another site that loads quickly and that is designed for easy navigation. Sites that load slowly are also penalized in the search engine rankings. Remember to conduct a test to find the loading speed, visibility and readability of your site.

Another way to avoid losing customers is by checking for faulty redirects. A user-friendly site will be devoid of pages that deliver 404 errors. Correct these faults and your site will be given a higher priority in the search results. Search Engine Optimization For Mobile Sites

Instead of just owning a mobile site, it is essential to develop an optimized site that is customized according to the behavior of mobile users across the globe. With SEO for mobile sites, the traditional methods are still used. Some of these basic rules consist of adding alt tags, title tags, heading tags and including relevant keywords with anchored links.

Get Indexed By Search Engines Inform the world about your site. Submitting your URL to the major mobile search engines ensures that it will be spidered and indexed. Some of these search engines for mobile devices are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. Additionally, submitting your URL to a number of mobile directories also increases your online presence.

Implement Social Media Integrate social media share buttons into your site to reach a wider audience. Social media linking has emerged as a powerful technique and is a major ranking element for search engines. Mobile users will often share your content, or recommend your services and products to their friends. This strategy increases the discovery of your website.

Content Creation and Marketing Amazing content that keeps readers glued to the page is an important factor. The more your update your site with valuable content, people and search engines will keep returning. This also allows you to build authority, while selling to a targeted audience.

Mobile advertising has become a fundamental practice for businesses. Although laptops and desktops are still used to access the Internet, the mobile phone market is constantly growing and attracting more customers each day. By using these tips, you will take your marketing efforts to a higher ground and reap the benefits of attracting mobile users. Contact Connecticut Secretary today to discuss how we can assist you while you develop your web presence and your business.

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