Transcribing PPT Meetings for Parents and for Educators

Transcribe your child's PPT meetings.

Connecticut Secretary transcribes Placement and Planning Meetings (PPT Meetings) for parents and educators, no matter where you’re located in the United States.

At times, PPT meetings can be overwhelming for parents, especially if they’ve never attended one before. It is hard to take notes as well as discuss the, at times, emotional topic of your child’s educational needs and academic progress. PPT meetings are important meetings between parents and educators that serves as an agreement between you and the school system, and accurate notes memorializing the decisions made regarding your child’s education are important. Having your recording of the PPT meeting recorded and transcribed is also important in case your spouse, or significant other, cannot be present for the meeting.

Transcripts of all your PPT meetings will provide an important record of your child’s goals, objectives and progress throughout their education. Connecticut Secretary has been providing confidential transcription services to parents and educators since 1999. Contact us today to schedule the transcription of your PPT meetings.

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