The Devil is in the Details with Legal Transcripts

September 3, 2017


Seeking all the facts is an art form to attorneys. They have the crucial job of proving the innocence of their clients. But the smallest of details could potentially be overlooked that might otherwise have won the case. By not having a written record of court proceedings, testimonials and other hearings and statements, you risk everything for that client.


Using the professional transcription services of Connecticut Secretary, with a high degree of accuracy, you can pick apart every detail, every word choice, every change in testimony – especially for those cases that you have to juggle to piece together a timeline. Transcribed documents are your best asset in court and will give you the winning edge.


A typed transcript of each witnesses' testimony will enable you to find discrepancies. Having that extra edge could spell the difference between verdicts. Listening to a recording multiple times is time-consuming and critical details can be missed. Connecticut Secretary can supply attorneys with accurate transcripts of their client's police interviews while maintaining security and confidentiality. With everything on paper or digital document, your notes can stay organized and compact and allow you to skim over multiple documents to find contrasts or deviations of statements and compose it all into a single location.


Now that you have everything organized in one place, what else can you do? You can start to research other avenues that become apparent from the transcripts, or explore other investigative areas of interest and have an investigator interview additional witnesses or interview witnesses again to clarify statements. You can catch investigators up quickly by sharing portions of the transcripts that have unearthed other items of interest or conflicting statements.


Your paralegals can be an important part of the process as they review the transcripts with you, going over highlighted statements and writing briefs while giving you an extra set of eyes. Having your client’s interviews transcribed is the way to avoid missing the devil in all of those details, and providing you with the edge needed to win more cases. Contact Connecticut Secretary, Inc. today to discuss your next case and how we might work together to provide you with a winning edge.

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