Attorneys, Transcription Services can Help You WIN Cases!

Legal transcripts, which are written documents containing an exact and unedited record of every word spoken in the courtroom, including all spoken arguments by lawyers, testimonials by witnesses, and decisions by the judge, are often taken at their face value. They are part of good documentation practice. Courtroom transcripts are a powerful tool that lawyers can use to win complicated cases, provided they are accurate, filed correctly and made available promptly.

Five ways transcription services can help you win!

1. Retrieve, refer and remember important information:

Thanks to accurate transcription and proper documentation, courtesy of transcription services, you can refresh your memory whenever you need to. It is especially beneficial in cases that go on for months and sometimes years before a verdict is reached. The sheer amount of information uncovered through the course of the case can quickly become overwhelming, making it easy for you to forget critical pieces of information from months or years ago.

2. Find errors and mistakes:

You can discover, correct or expose errors and mistakes, or unlawful deeds, that may have previously gone unnoticed in the courtroom. The courtroom is full of instances of miscommunication, mistakes, and misdeeds: The witness may have made a wrong statement. You may have taken an erroneous approach during litigation. Opposing counsel may have misconducted themselves during deposition. There may have been a simple, albeit crucial, misunderstanding during the trial. By reviewing transcripts with a keen eye, you can uncover these errors and wrongful proceedings to benefit your case.

3. Bring new evidence and information to light:

Another advantage of lawyers using transcription services is the potential to unearth new information while scrutinizing the courtroom hearings, witness interviews, testimonial hearings, police statements, dispositions and other testimony, which may have been missed in the courtroom because of constant interruptions from opposing counsel or other distractions.

4. Gain grounds in future cases:

Apart from helping you win the current case, transcription services can also aid attorneys in their future cases. You can reference back to the courtroom proceedings or judge rulings from a previous case to get favorable outcomes in new cases.

5. Improve your lawyering skills:

Finally, transcription services help you win cases by making you a better lawyer. Accurate, high-quality transcripts can be used for education, training, and skill development purposes. Transcripts of legal proceedings are an effective form of courtroom literature, which can be used to learn from empirical evidence.

Several noted law schools have in fact started including leveraging trial scripts for education. The University of Virginia offered a course: Trials of the Century: Literary and Legal Representations of Sensational Criminal Trials. Students studied trial transcripts, essays, memoirs, briefs, films and other works of non-fiction to investigate scenarios not included in traditional legal curricula so that they could become better lawyers.

Transcription services can offer short and long-term benefits to lawyers in their ability to make their case more compelling and ultimately win it. If you would like to put the power of transcription services to work for you in your next case, contact Connecticut Secretary today.

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