Deaf and HOH Transcripts

Connecticut Secretary is actively involved in providing transcripts of audio files to groups and organizations for their deaf and hard of hearing community. We can assist your organization or group by transcribing your audio files so that all of your membership or community can read or hear your materials.

If your organization provides audio files of sermons, conferences, meetings or calls online or via your website for your membership or for the community to listen to, it is important to also provide written transcripts for those who are unable to hear the audio files or who have an easier time disseminating information in written form. Connecticut Secretary can take any audio file and create transcripts to be read.

Connecticut Secretary can assist you with transcribing any audio format. If you need transcripts for college classes, of podcasts, video presentations, calls or church sermons, we’re able to assist you with transcribing the messages into written form. We can help with any audio/voice to text transcription services.

Sending us files is easy. You can use our very simple upload form, which appears at the top of every page on the menu bar; you can send us links to your audio files or we can download from your server via ftp. We can also work from cassette tapes, both micro and standard size. You are welcome to stop by our offices in Branford, CT to drop them off or to send them to us in the mail or via courier service.

We’re always available to answer questions or to discuss projects. Contact us today!

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