Transcription Can Help Boost Your Marketing Strategies

Content is king. We've heard it before from marketing gurus like Seth Godin to, well, nearly every marketing guru and business out there. And there's one excellent source of content that you're probably not even using right now: transcripts.

Businesses have several opportunities to produce transcripts. You might record meetings, webinars, conference calls, or interviews. But even if your business has these recordings, are you doing anything with them?

Having your audio or video recordings transcribed can multiply your content and reduce your workload. If you aren't already using transcripts in your marketing strategies, here's why you should:

Transcripts are an easy source of content.

Every content marketer's struggle is producing new content. With the flood of content available through the internet today, businesses need to put out new content constantly. A transcript uses content that your company has already produced. You don't need to do the extra work of coming up with new ideas.

Transcripts are a gold mine for repurposing.

Repurposing is a content marketer's best friend. When your business constantly needs to produce content on several different platforms to stay competitive, the best plan is to repurpose. For example, you can break a white paper down into multiple blog posts, and then split up that post even further for social media posts. Transcripts are no different. Don't stop after posting a transcript or applying captions to a video. Use the content within your transcripts to create blogs, articles, podcasts, social media posts, or any other format that might be beneficial for your business.

Transcripts boost SEO.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is necessary for your business to be easily searchable online. High SEO means more eyes on your content and ultimately more potential customers. Keywords are an essential SEO strategy; your company website should be full of the keywords you want to rank for, without hurting readability. Transcripts are an excellent source of natural keywords to boost your SEO.

Transcripts boost your marketing strategies, but transcription is a slow, time-consuming process. You have better things to do than spend time transcribing audio files.Contact Connecticut Secretary today for more information on our transcription services.

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