Four Tips on Conducting Successful Phone Interviews

Phone interviews can seem intimidating. You lose the benefit of reading cues from body language and facial expressions. But phone interviews come with their own benefits, too. By keeping these tips in mind, you can boost your chance of securing a successful phone interview.

1. Prepare notes.

Not being able to see your interviewee might seem like a disadvantage, but the fact that they can't see you is in your favor. Take as many notes as you need and have them ready for the interview. Jot down additional ideas and questions as the interview progresses. But make sure your notes are organized and you can quickly access what you need during the call.

2. Don't interrupt.

One of the most difficult parts of a phone interview is not knowing when the other person will speak. Early in the interview, be especially conscious of how often you're interrupting the other person and adapt. Everyone has a different speaking style, so you need to go into each phone interview prepared to familiarize yourself with the other party.

3. Hold mock interviews.

If this is your first time conducting a phone interview, or holding this particular interview, ask a friend or family member if you can practice on them. Testing your questions on a real person can help you identify any confusing or potentially uncomfortable questions. And of course, the more experience you have with phone interviews, the better!

4. Look the part.

While this last tip is optional, you want to consider dressing for success. You could hold a phone interview in your pajamas, but looking the part is a good idea, especially if you're struggling with anxiety or a lack of confidence. Being well-dressed helps you feel professional and in control.

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