The Benefits of Transcribing Your Podcasts

Podcasts are hugely popular right now - they're entertaining, engaging, and informative. If you're looking to get into podcasting, or are currently a podcaster, think about transcribing your podcasts. There are tons of overlooked benefits, like:

  • Increased visibility and accessibility - for users who are deaf or hard of hearing, it can be difficult to find internet content that they can enjoy. If you make a transcription of your podcast available, you'll be able to reach many more fans who may not have the same level of ability. In addition, people who don't speak English natively might find transcriptions helpful to follow along.

  • Boosted SEO - although audio content is extremely popular right now, having a text version of your podcast on your website creates the type of content that search engines love. This is because it's easier for search engine crawlers to index text. As your search engine rankings move up, new listeners will be able to find your podcast from simple web searches. If your podcast is only on YouTube, you can use transcripts as closed captions, which also boost SEO.

  • Become a trusted resource - once your podcasts are transcribed, you can use the content to create blog posts or articles. You may find people who want to cite your content, link to it from their own blog, or share it on social media among friends. Having text versions of your podcast makes all of that so much easier!

Now that you know all the benefits, if you're interested in getting your podcasts transcribed into text, contact Connecticut Secretary, Inc. for more information!

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