Four Ways Transcription Services Will Benefit Your Private Detective Business

You have been hired by an attorney to conduct an investigation. You've gone into the field and taken interviews. You have hours and hours of recordings that you now need to digest, summarize, and quote for your report. Here are four ways Connecticut Secretary, Inc.'s transcription services can help.

Audio Files Never Pile Up

As a private investigator, you know the importance of seizing the opportunity to meet with witnesses whenever they're available. Scheduling can be irregular, often leaving you little time to organize your notes and thoughts from one interview before you must conduct another. And, audio files alone are inconvenient for referring back to something one person told you in the midst of interviewing someone else.

Connecticut Secretary, Inc.'s transcription services help solve those problems. With our easy uploading tool, you can send us audio files the moment an interview is over, making the most of your time to organize your thoughts from one interview to the next, and giving you the best chance of heading into your next interview with an easily-referenced written record of what others have told you.

Quickly See When You Need to Follow Up for Clarification

Have you ever thought you covered a topic thoroughly with a witness, only to realize long after the interview, while reviewing the recording, that you missed an opportunity to follow up and clarify an important piece of information? In our experience, seeing your questions and a witness's answers in writing makes those moments stand out. With a transcript from Connecticut Secretary, Inc. in your hands soon after an interview, you can maximize the chance of being able to follow up for clarification with witnesses before they become unavailable.

Report Writing Made Easier

When you owe a written report to counsel, nothing can be more tedious and time-consuming than searching through an audio file for a particular statement, or listening and re-listening to a segment to understand what a witness said. At Connecticut Secretary, Inc., we do that work for you, freeing you to spend your time analyzing precise quotes from witnesses in your reports, instead of paraphrasing or inadvertently leaving something out.

Ready-Made Exhibits and Evidence

The attorney you're working with may want to use your witness interviews as exhibits or evidence. With Connecticut Secretary, Inc. on your team, you can provide the attorney a document ready-made to attach to a pleading or correspondence. And, if a witness gives a statement to you under oath, a transcript can be presented them for review and notarization.

Contact us today to learn more about how Connecticut Secretary, Inc. can support your private investigation business.

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