Using Transcripts to Transform Your Classroom

Professors and teachers can use transcription services, too! If you're an educator, you may want to consider using transcripts of your classroom lectures as student handouts. There are plenty of ways that transcripts can completely transform your classroom.

1. Aiding Poor Note-Takers

In your career, you've probably seen more overly highlighted textbooks than you care to admit. The truth is, many students have a hard time differentiating between the most important text and the whole textbook! A transcript of your lecture may be just the thing to help those struggling students retain the right information.

When you have your classroom lectures transcribed and give students access to them, students can begin to raise their test scores. They can then focus their note taking and studying to cover additional material they would otherwise miss for those important tests.

2. Accessibility For Everyone

Transcription services can aid those with disabilities. Transcription is traditionally thought of as a way to assist those who are deaf or hard of hearing. While this is true, transcription can help a variety of individuals with different needs. Students with visual impairment or blindness can also benefit from having access to transcription files, especially if you can send them to them in electronic format. The newest version of Microsoft Word has the ability to read text, making the visually-impaired person's life so much easier while allowing them to study independently on their own schedule.

Students with learning disabilities can find success through using transcripts of classroom lectures. Individuals of all ages with memory problems, difficulty reading or writing and those with difficulty concentrating can use lecture transcripts to help them study and retain the information you cover in the classroom. Temporary disabilities or injuries can also affect students' ability to write. Incorporating transcripts of your lectures as handouts can help your students ease back into school work without the stress of physical limitations.

3. Including Other Learning Styles

There is great diversity in how each of us learns. There are four principle learning styles: visual, auditory, reading, and kinesthetic learners.

Surprisingly, not only can transcription help reading learners, but it can provide a base for all learners. Try transcribing your lectures and having auditory learners read it out loud; having them hear it from you first and then in their own voice can help them retain the information.

Visual learners can use your transcripts of lectures to focus on creating graphs or other imagery, to help them focus and retain information.

Kinesthetic learners, ones who learn through experience, can be given the opportunity to create a hands-on experience by using your lecture transcripts for reference.

If after reading this, you feel like transcripts of your classroom lectures can help further your career and your students' test scores, feel free to contact Connecticut Secretary today.

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