Three Ways Transcribing Grievance Proceedings Benefits Your Business

As a human resources professional at an organization that has a grievance procedure, either by way of company policy or because of a collectively-bargained agreement, you know that keeping accurate records is a crucial element of the process. The more accurate your records, the greater the chance that a grievance will be resolved, and the lesser the chance that a grievance decision will be challenged.

Here are three ways Connecticut Secretary, Inc.'s transcription services can benefit your organization in the grievance administration process.

Accurate Records of Grievance Meetings

After a grievance complaint is filed, many grievance processes require a meeting between an aggrieved employee and a designated person, to discuss whether the grievance can be resolved. If your organization is in the practice of recording those meetings, you may find that you eventually need to go back to the recordings to determine exactly what was discussed and, potentially, agreed. That can be a time-consuming process, made all the more difficult if the recording isn't of the best quality.

Instead of relying simply on an audio recording, let Connecticut Secretary, Inc. prepare a quick and accurate transcript of the meeting instead. Simply upload the audio file of the meeting as soon as it's completed, and we will send you back a transcript that eliminates any guess work or dispute about exactly what was said at a grievance meeting.

Comparing Witness Statements Made Easier

If your grievance process provides for investigation of a grievance, you may end up with recordings of statements from witnesses. As with recordings of grievance meetings, you may need to review these interviews later on, to compare what different people said. That can be tedious with an audio file, but it's simple with a transcript from Connecticut Secretary, Inc.

Support Your Grievance Decision

When the time comes to issue a grievance decision, often you will need to give supporting evidence for your conclusions. Precise transcripts of meetings, witness interviews, and any other relevant interactions can make writing your decision more efficient. Transcripts also serve as valuable exhibits to a grievance decision, particularly if the aggrieved party appeals. And, if a witness gives a statement under oath, a transcript can be delivered to the witness for review and notarization.

To learn more about how Connecticut Secretary, Inc. can support your HR department in grievance process administration, contact us today.

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