Three Ways Transcribing Public Speaking Engagements Can Help Your Business

As a business executive, one of your responsibilities is to attend and speak at industry conferences and other events. You probably write out your speech ahead of time, prepare a slide show, and practice your delivery. But after the conference is over, do you have an accurate record of what was said when you stepped up to the microphone? And what about the dialogue with the audience in a post-speech Q and A session?

Here are three reasons why having Connecticut Secretary, Inc. prepare a transcript of your remarks, and all of the other dialogue at an event can help your business.

Press Releases Made Easier and More Efficient

If your public relations strategy includes issuing press releases after speaking engagements, a transcript is a handy tool to help you or your PR team issue a quick and comprehensive statement. Not only are you assured that the release is accurate to the word, but it may also save you the expense of having an extra team member attend the event, take notes, and translate those notes into an article for public consumption and accessibility. Instead, you can digitally record the event, upload the audio file to Connecticut Secretary, Inc. straight away, and we'll send you a thorough and accurate transcript.

Cover Your You-Know-What

You have to be careful with your public statements for a reason. Someone is always in the audience waiting for you to make a slip or say something technically incorrect, or to catch you off-guard with a "gotcha" question. When these moments happen, and, unfortunately, it's just a fact of business life that they will, a transcript from Connecticut Secretary, Inc. that captures exactly what was said can be your best first line of defense. Instead of having to recreate your off-the-cuff remarks or answers to audience questions, you'll have a clear, accurate record to beat back deceptive paraphrasing and accusations.

Improve Your Delivery

In our experience, there's nothing like a written record to highlight areas for improvement in your public speaking. Reading your remarks is not as uncomfortable as listening to or watching a recording of yourself, and it reveals in black and white the verbal tics, incomplete thoughts, and other public speaking missteps that even the best of us make from time to time.

To learn more about how Connecticut Secretary, Inc. can support your business at public speaking engagements, contact us today.

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