Transcription Services and Writing Books

Have you been tossing around an idea for a book but feel overwhelmed worrying about the process? Whether fiction or non-fiction, writing a book involves planning, research, writing, and editing. These scary details shouldn't prevent you from realizing your dream. Here are three ways that transcription services lighten the load for authors writing a book.

Create on the go

Not all writers tap into their creativity when sitting behind a keyboard. If brilliant ideas pop into your mind while sitting in traffic or waiting at your dentist's office, then transcription will make the writing process easier. Whether using a smartphone or a handheld recorder, develop your spontaneous ideas even when you are on the go. Don't forget a fantastic closing or a way to boost the suspense simply because you aren't by your computer.

Improve tone in fiction

Fiction writing is all about showing, not telling. Dictation and transcription allow you to utilize a more conversational tone and ensure that you are painting the desired picture in your readers' minds. Readers will read the written text in the way it was thought of and spoken, allowing a true storyteller to shine.


Perhaps the most important advantage to dictation and transcription is the enormous amount of time saved. Unless you are a keyboarding whiz, the chances are that you speak faster than you type. Dictation will not only save time during the writing process, but it will significantly reduce editing time and costs. How? After receiving your audio files, they will be transcribed into a document accurately and, with your request, without unnecessary content such as repetitions, "uhs," stutters, and so on. Transcripts of your spoken word will save you a tremendous amount of time as you start to plan the writing of your book.

Take the fear out of writing your book and contact Connecticut Secretary for more information about our reliable and affordable transcription services. We have provided professional transcription services with attention to detail since 1999 and we look forward to assisting you with your next project.

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