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If you haven’t seen our price list explanation, please visit it now.

If you would like to contract Connecticut Secretary as a virtual assistant for you and your business, please complete the form below. I am always available to discuss our services, and I am genuinely interested in learning more about your business. I encourage you to call or email me, so we can further discuss how we can best work together. The service is for a virtual assistant, so please understand that we do not work on-site at your location.

A good starting point is to work with Connecticut Secretary on a per-hour basis, to get accustomed to what a virtual assistant is all about and how your work is completed. It will take patience and time initially as we learn each other’s business and establish work patterns.

Connecticut Secretary can provide telephone support services to contracted businesses, sales support to both customers and sales representatives on the road, inbound sales assistance and assistance with customer inquiries, and more! Most of the things a worker in your office can do, Connecticut Secretary can do.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your projects.

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