Essential Postcard Marketing Tips For Success

Postcard marketing can increase the traffic to your website and boost sales. The only catch is to know how to use this low-cost method properly. Jumping into postcard marketing blindly is almost guaranteed to end in failure. There are three tips that every beginner must know about taking advantage of this technique to succeed.

Don’t Sell!

Your instinct is to turn your postcard into a miniature piece of advertising, but this can have detrimental effects. The goal of the postcard is to encourage your readers to visit your website or dial your number for more information. A sales pitch turns off your readers and they will toss your hard work into the junk pile. How do you motivate your clients to take the step you want them to? Create a friendly postcard that mentions succinctly the benefits you provide. As a result, potential customers have a positive emotional response instead of a negative reaction.

Less is More

Another essential tip for reaping the benefits of postcard marketing is to write concisely. Present the information in the least amount of words possible. The more text that is on your postcard, the less likely it is that a reader will want to read it. On the other hand, if your message is brief and compelling, most prospective customers can’t help but read it.

Tuesday and Wednesday

Plan for your postcards to arrive on either Tuesday or Wednesday because the amount of mail delivered on these days is usually low. Therefore, the chance of a reader taking the time to look at your postcard and then your website is higher. As you probably already know, Monday is the worst day of the week for your mail to be delivered to consumers because it’s the biggest mail delivery day.

Writing a sales pitch, including too much information, and mailing the postcards out on any day are the three biggest mistakes that beginners make in postcard marketing. By knowing about the three essential tips for successful postcard marketing, you already have the upper hand against your competitors. As long as you avoid sales pitches, write concisely, and plan for your postcards to arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will see positive results.

Finding Ways to Advertise With Postcards

Marketing postcards can have a bad reputation because we are constantly bombarded with them in our everyday lives. It seems everyone is using postcard marketing as part of their marketing campaigns. Worse still are the canvassers who stand in the street thrusting unwanted postcards into your hand as you walk past. Is this how postcard marketing should be?

The answer is no. Postcard marketing should be representative of your business and should not be just an undervalued marketing ploy. Postcards don’t just have to be part of a mailshot, or an unwanted handout to be cast into the gutter at the first opportunity. Make a postcard really count.

There are many postcard marketing strategies. One that has been proven to work time and again is the good deal or discount collect card. The company issues a series of cards that have to be collected over a few weeks. The customer has to collect the whole set in order to receive the discount or special offer. This means that customers will target your business as they want the next card. Researchers have found that people will collect cards even when they had no intention of purchasing the end item. Postcards can change customer behaviours.

A toy retail business recently issued postcards with every purchase. The cards were aimed at the children and were in the form of a jigsaw. Each week another piece of the jigsaw was issued. The retailer reported an increase in sales of 27% as a result of this simple strategy. The power of children over parent’s pockets should never be underestimated.

Postcards can be used as a marketing strategy that can be shared while working alongside partner organisations. A home improvement store in the UK recently ran a promotion with a tool manufacture. A double-sided postcard was issued with every sale of a specific power tool. The customer could claim a free tool attachment with each postcard. The retailer produced the postcards for the manufacturer and placed their own advert on the reverse side. The store and the manufacturer both reported increases in sales. The store also noted an increase in repeat custom.

Getting the most from postcard marketing is not difficult. Before running a promotion, you should consider who your target group is, where they shop and find ways to make postcards fun and interactive. Make them collectible as people will often regard collecting something as a challenge which can lead to changes in behaviours.

Just remember that fresh ideas and partnership working lead to successful campaigns and more sales. Make your postcard campaign count by finding ways to plug into the psychology of potential customers.