Multitasking and Your Productivity

What habit is holding you back from being the best you can be in business? One habit I see often is the habit of multitasking and feeling that, as a business owner or professional, you can do everything. This is not true. Multiple studies have been done on how multitasking while driving affects reaction and processing time in drivers. As a result, laws are in place prohibiting talking on the phone while driving. Multitasking is not a productive or effective habit in business and is downright dangerous on the road. It is more productive to engage in one task to completion and then move on to the next.

Why do we insist on multitasking? Zheng Wang, Assistant Professor of Communication at Ohio State University, conducted a study, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, on multitasking. She found individuals with the habit were not more productive, but they only felt more emotionally satisfied from their work by engaging in the behavior. Because of this emotional component, people were more apt to repeat the habit of multitasking, thus strengthening and fortifying the habit, making it likely to continue.

Charles Duhigg, in his book, The Power of Habit, discusses how important changing just one habit can be to a business if people believe change is possible. If you have been having a hard time managing your business or the tasks you should be able to complete within a day, it might be a good opportunity to look at the habits you have developed through the years. If multitasking is something you regularly engage in, breaking the habit can be the key to being more productive and efficient, and getting what you need to accomplish done during your time at work.

Kate Smalley
Connecticut Secretary, Inc.

The ONE Thing “A Secretary’s Book Review”

The One Thing

What are you doing right now? Are the tasks you are tending to the areas you need to concentrate on to achieve extraordinary results in your business? Our time at work is filled with distractions and demands that stress us and pull us from what we do best. These daily distractions take us away from the things we need to concentrate on to become more productive, produce better quality work and achieve the results that make the difference between mediocrity and perfection.

Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, in their book, The ONE Thing, discusses the lies which stand between you, as a business owner, and success. “The ONE Thing” shows how willpower can be managed and used effectively and how critical it is to achieving goals and successful habits you can start establishing today. Developing productive habits will take time, and they will allow you to start getting what you want, and what you need, from both your personal and professional life. Making the one thing that is all important, and will make everything else on your to-do list easier, a priority above anything else happening at work, by blocking out the time needed to focus, is key to engaging the power to get results.

For anyone who has felt overburdened with daily tasks, pulled and pushed in different directions and unable to block out the time needed to tend to the tasks that matter, I recommend you read “The ONE Thing.” Once you do, you can start focusing on what you need to, which will allow you to experience your greatest potential. It all starts with you!

If you’ve felt overwhelmed, with an inability to concentrate on the core areas of expertise that make you productive and successful in business, feel free to contact Kate at Connecticut Secretary today to discuss your business and how we can assist you with the tasks that pull you from what you really should be concentrating on.