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Connecticut Secretary can help you with proofing services, and we’ve specialized mainly in providing services for the web and transcription companies. We also are starting to do a lot of proofing and editing services for busy professionals and students, who would like someone to give their document a once-over.  We do not provide services for content intended for large-scale print and advertising purposes.

Are you involved in an industry where you would like to include content in a number of relevant blogs and websites? Do you have a letter or a document you would just feel better with if someone gave it a look over before you sent it? Do you always seem to stumble when it comes to finalizing your articles for publication? Does the proofing process give you a headache? Are you unsure if you will present yourself and your services in the light that you had intended? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, contact Connecticut Secretary today to discuss our Article Proofing and Finalization services.

We can take your rough articles, documents and letters, and correct errors in grammar and punctuation and make suggestions that would round your articles out and make them ready for publication.

“Spend your time being creative and developing new articles! Stop procrastinating because you dislike the final editing and proofing process! Eliminate the nagging doubt that hinders your creative process! Connecticut Secretary can help you edit and round out your articles, getting them ready for publication! This allows you the time you need to pursue what you are passionate about instead of getting bogged down in the final proofing and editing process. We work with you to make you more productive, creative and effective.”

Having been involved in the transcription services industry since 1999, Connecticut Secretary has provided transcripts to a number of industries. This experience has exposed us to an incredibly diverse range of topics. We have experience in researching different subject matter to provide the very best service to our customers.  We assist other transcription services, who use us to proofread their transcripts prior to sending them back to their clients. We can put our experience to work for you when proofing and rounding out your articles for publication.

Getting started is simple, just complete the form below and send us your content. Once your payment is received, we will put your job in our queue right away.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your projects.

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