Business Transcription

Business Transcription Services

Connecticut Secretary provides transcription services to a variety of corporations throughout the United States. We work with individuals in all levels within an organization and no job is too small for us. Connecticut Secretary can provide the best quality transcripts that will make your job easier each and every time.

Businesses of all sizes enjoy the convenience and affordability of using our services when needed, without having to hire another employee to work in their office. Connecticut Secretary is a small business with commercial office space on Route 1 in Branford, Connecticut.  We can handle your transcription projects in a professional manner, with good turnaround and with the best quality that will make you look good each and every time. We work with administrative assistants, managers, engineers and any individual in an organization that needs support services or assistance with overflow.

Utilizing Connecticut Secretary to handle your business transcription services is a smart and economical choice, while also being the only choice if you value the confidentiality and security of your work product. You won’t have to worry about providing benefits or additional taxes when using our services. We are an established business that has been serving organizations since 1999. When only the best transcription services will do, contact Connecticut Secretary today to schedule your job!

We are a small business and a member of the State of Connecticut Set-Aside Program. If you do business with us, you can rest assured that we are a registered business that does not use illegal or overseas workers and all of your projects will be handled with the security and professionalism you need with each and every project!

The Amazing Virtual Assistant: 5 Mega-Awesome Benefits only Virtual Assistants can Provide

So your business is growing fast. Orders are flowing in. Deadlines are approaching fast. And customers are expecting more from you. How do you meet that demand?

Do you go through the incredibly long (and often misguided) process of hiring new employees? How do you ensure you’ve found the ‘right’ person? How do you ensure they’re working when on the job? How do you part with an employee quickly, when you realize they aren’t the right fit?

The troubles of hiring employees are numerous! They don’t work eight hours a day. They don’t care about your success. Most are nine-to-fivers, who can’t work a minute after their work hours are over.

Thank God for Virtual Assistants (VAs)

Virtual assistants are a blessing. Need more convincing? Here are the top five benefits of hiring one:

  1. High quality – Since VAs earn by being productive and delivering actual value (and not by just showing up to work daily) they are more committed to their work and dedicated to pleasing you. They aim to meet, and often exceed, your expectations so that you hire them again.  And that’s not all. Most VAs train themselves in a particular niche, to increase their technical prowess and productivity. Thus, every VA you hire will essentially be an ‘expert’ of their field, drawing from years of experience. How great is that?
  2. Convenience – Need assistance over the weekend? Need assistance late one evening? Need to increase your workforce for the high-demand season? Hire a VA! A Virtual Assistant offers benefits in-office assistants and employees sometimes cannot. A Virtual Assistant can also work with your existing in-house staff to assist them during particularly busy times or when they are busy with other assigned tasks.
  3. Cost savings – The cost savings you incur on hiring a VA are in fact, multilevel. You don’t have to spend on – 1) offering employment benefits such as insurance or pensions, 2) paying taxes, 3) providing office space, furniture, supplies and productivity tools and 4) training for the job. In addition, you only pay for the time spent on your project. Can’t do that with a full-time employee, can you?
  4. Diverse skill set – Monoculture is never a good thing. Whether in nature, society or your business. Hiring a VA who has worked on projects in a variety of industries can reap many benefits with the added insight that is brought to the table for your projects. You will benefit from the fresh ideas and the new perspective that a Virtual Assistant can provide.
  5. Business growth – And, finally a benefit that often gets overlooked. VAs handle everyday tasks for you, giving you time to focus on things that matter at the end of the day – growing your business and pocketing more dollars!

And these, mind you, are only five of the numerous benefits you enjoy by hiring a VA. There are more, which you will discover in the form of happy surprises along the way. So, sit back and let Connecticut Secretary become a collaborative partner who goes all in, in helping you run and grow your business – your very own Virtual Assistant.

Connecticut Secretary can assist you with office tasks, remote answering services (to clients who use us on a regular basis), secretarial and transcription services, and more! Contact us today to discuss how we can work together on your next project.