Transcription Services and Your SEO

When it comes to online marketing, businesses are always looking for new ways to grab the attention of the public. One of the problems that continually crops up for marketing teams is how to reach their targeted audience. Business owners spend a lot of time, money and effort creating podcasts, videos and other programs for potential customers to view on their websites or through their blogs, but they fall short when they don’t include text transcripts and they exclude a huge population that might be looking for their services on search engines right now.

When you take your podcasts, videos and any other visual media you’ve created and have it transcribed to text, it allows the search engines to pick it up so that your potential customers can find your materials easier. I’ve transcribed hundreds of hours of podcasts, videos, web conferences, webinars and other audio media for companies and I’ve seen how incorporating the text transcript to go along with the media can influence SEO positively and allow for a greater reach of information and materials to a broader audience.

Another reason you absolutely should include text transcripts of your audio and visual materials on your website is for the huge deaf and hard of hearing population that are your potential customers. Making your audio and video materials accessible is good business sense and allows everyone to access information about your product or service. In this day and age, no one should feel left out or excluded. Accessibility of your marketing and informational materials on your website is critical to your success.

I love learning about different industries and businesses, and I love transcribing their marketing materials. Whatever marketing and informational audio or video you want to put on your website: podcasts, webinars, seminars, informational videos, etc., I can help transcribe them into text transcripts to include on your website and make accessibility a reality for all who are seeking out your products or services today!

About Kate

Kate Smalley is a secretary / transcriptionist for Connecticut Secretary, Inc., located in Branford, Connecticut. She started Connecticut Secretary in 1999 and has provided administrative support services and business transcripts for a wide variety of individuals in different industries.
The best part of the job for her is always having something new to do each and every day, and making a business owner or executive's day just that much easier is always her primary goal. Connecticut Secretary also supports graduate students with their most important projects. Contact Kate today to discuss your project. She's always interested in hearing from you.