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Webinars are an excellent way to confer and share information about your company or services to potential and existing clients, as well as to the community. Connecticut Secretary can provide professional transcription services to convert webinars into a written transcript. We have worked for individuals, small businesses and large organizations throughout the United States providing webinar transcription services and our transcripts are delivered in a timely manner back to you with an accurate speech-to-text conversion of all audio recorded during your webinar.


Once we transcribe your webinar, you can use the transcript on your web page, in marketing materials to clients or potential clients or to individuals in your organization. You can trust us with transcribing your webinars because we’ve been in the business since 1992 and have concentrated on delivering the very best, professionally transcribed, transcript back to each and every customer for every project that we work on – no matter what size.


By using our transcription services to transcribe your webinars, you are also showing that you care about those who can not listen to audio files due to hearing loss or who find reading an easier way to disseminate information. Institutions and organizations, marketing companies, social organizations, businesses of all sizes, academia and anyone who has a need to share information about their products or services can benefit from having us transcribe their webinars.


Connecticut Secretary provides accurate, professional transcripts each and every time. Transferring files to us is very easy. You can use our DropBox upload link, which appears at the top of each page on our website, you can email a link to the audio to kate@connecticutsecretary.com or you can provide us access to your server via FTP. We can also work from cassette tape. You can deliver the materials to us in our Branford, CT office personally or via courier and we will return your professional transcripts quickly so you can begin to utilize them right away.


Contact us today to schedule your job! You can upload audio at any time that is convenient for you and we’ll get started right away.








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