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If you have administrative support needs, Connecticut Secretary has the expertise, equipment and resources to meet them. We offer a variety of freelance secretarial services by phone, fax, email and internet. We help meet the needs of companies large and small all across the country. We’re an extension of your office, making your job more productive and rewarding.

Maybe you need specialized skills to fit a particular project, extra help to meet some seasonal demands, or administrative support to help your business grow. We can provide the freelance secretarial and other professional services you need to enhance your business.

Connecticut Secretary offers you a wide range of benefits, including:

♦ Cost Savings – We help you expand your resources… without hiring extra staff, so you can avoid paying employee-related taxes, workers compensation and health insurance. Plus, you won’t have to purchase and maintain additional office space and equipment.

♦ Time Savings – Our services can help you free up more time, so you can do what you do best. This can help you concentrate on your core competencies and grow your business – and profits.

♦ Experience and Expertise – We have twenty years experience from working with large and small companies in the private and non-profit sectors. We specialize in business and corporate transcription and offer a reasonable per audio hour rate.

♦ Convenience – We give you easy access to a variety of professional services – all from one source.

Connecticut Secretary offers convenient services when you need them. We look forward to assisting you with your project! Please bookmark our page for future reference and contact us today.